Ethiopian Women’s in Water Association held the First Extra Ordinary Meeting

Last week, on May 2 and 4, 2023, members of the Ethiopian Women’s in Water Association held a meeting at the office of the Ethiopian Women’s Water Association/Minister of Water and Energy.

During the meeting, Dr. Adanech Yared, the founder of the association, briefed the members on the agenda for the day's discussion.
Then, the purpose of the association and the next plan for the association, mainly how to empower the members of the association by providing to them various trainings and raise their capacity from their current level? There was a lot of discussion about it. In addition to this, the members got an opportunity to know each other and there was a discussion about how the association can be brought closer to Ethiopian women by using various social media sites and physical meetings with members.
Subsequently, based on the next plan of the association, each member received a personal responsibility to implement the planned plans.
Finally, all present members pledged to help the association with their knowledge and time.