The Ethiopian Women in Water Association held the 2nd General Assembly

The 2nd General Assembly of the Ethiopian Women in Water Association held on 23, December 2022 in the meeting hall of the Minister of Water and Energy, emphasizing the current status of an association & the 2023 operational plan. 
The president of the association, Dr. Adanech Yared, while conveying a welcome message explained that, the Ethiopian Women in Water Association was established mainly to Empower, Create networking opportunities, Increase the visibility and Enhance professional women's participation and leadership in the sector; next, thanked Ministry of Water and Energy Minister, Dr. Ing. Habtamu Itefa, on behalf of the association for his sincere cooperation.
The Honorable Excellency Minister of Water and Energy, Dr. Ing.. Habtamu Itefa, who opened the meeting with a speech, said that proper involvement of women is quite mandatory for the achievement of widely targeted development works as a country; so, in order to support women under poverty & related challenges, the association is expected to be a mode for other actors & to do more as well.  He also assured the ministry’s potential support to strengthen the association as much as possible.
Gender mainstreaming in the water sector capacity building training was given and after a wide discussion on the budget year plan, the meeting has been windup by giving direction each member to contribute accordingly.